This project is a two-townhouse development in Caulfield.

Whilst in a project like this you are creating two distinctly separate dwellings, we wanted the facade to be unified rather than being split by a party wall. The long brick frame encloses the building from boundary to boundary. The first-floor windows are unevenly placed, making it clear that each townhouse is balanced as a part of the other.

Internally the heart of the dwellings is their courtyards.  The large steel-framed glazing around them is angled in both plan and elevation. The courtyards cut the buildings in half, allowing a functional garden space to bring light and nature into the center of the house. 

With four bedrooms and several open multifunctional spaces, we aimed to create functional transition spaces rather than having a long corridor along the spine.

Builder: Urban Empire Construction

Photography: Shannon McGrath

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