Prism is a table that tells a story.  No matter what angle you look at this table from it will show you something new. Like a prism refracting light - this table takes lines of colour, emerging from a single bar and transforms them across its frame. By weaving and twisting its linear geometry this table transforms from point to point. The maze of mixing colours creates surfaces that meld together to form a beautiful whole.

Prism, is a table which is completely static in its form. However, for the observer who moves around the table, there is a continuous flow of changing forms. From every angle this table unveils something new, showing a new line of pattern, a new void, a new colour combination. The ever-changing element of this table tries to provide a unique experience to the viewer each time they look at it.


​Materials:        Stainless Steel,  Elastic,  Glass

Dimensions:    120 cm  X  120 cm  X  46 cm

Photography: Niv Novak

In 2014 Prism Table won an A'Design Award. This is an international Award based out of Italy. Prism won amongst a field of leading international design practices.


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