The concept of 'Embrace' is centered around presentation and preservation of jewellery.  


​An idea is born, a ring is selected, a moment is chosen.  'Embrace' is a means of presentation, as the container is twisted, a ring is slowly unveiled. As the petals pull back, the ring rises up out of the container.


A ring is forever, but it is not always worn, life ensues.  There are dirty moments, unsafe circumstances.  'Embrace' gives you a safe, beautiful setting in which to store your precious items.  Each time it is opened over your lifetime it is a reminder of the blossoming love that first brought you the ring. 


'Embrace' is an early stage, fully functional prototype. The next stage for this product is to develop it further into a pristine, high quality manufactured object.


'Embrace' is a provocative idea that can add a new dimension to gift-giving and jewellery ownership. 


The 'Embrace' concept does not stop at this item, this is a part of a developing series of elaborate containers, each one housing a different piece of jewellery with its own expressive way of opening. There are currently concepts in development for necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets as well as other ring container designs. 

Photography: Niv Novak

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