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Crown - Southbank

This Crown Seating project is the result of a collaboration of people from many different fields working together to envision how to best inhabit Melbourne's Southbank.  Commissioned by Crown Casino this seating project is the result of a collaborative design development between Maurie Novak Architecture & Red Design Group.  The group of seats takes the form of an open maze, having nodes and pathways through it so that the space can be inhabited by groups of people, and so that people can blend in and out of this space from the main path along Southbank.  Formally the aim was to have an undulating form that rises and lowers to create sections of differing functionality.  This ambitious form was able to be realised through the collaboration of Granicrete Australia who developed methods of forming the seating elements in single pieces from large scale custom molds. 

Builder: Granicrete Australia

Photography: Niv Novak

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