This Creche at Bialik College in Hawthorn was designed for children from 6 months through to 3 years old.

This building was added to the school campus between two existing buildings. In order to make the streetscape feel less crowded, the first floor of the building is clad in mirrors, reflecting the surrounding trees & sky. A natural rammed-earth wall grows in height, encircling, and define the shape of the building.

Comprised of four children's rooms, teacher facilities, and communal play spaces this building is designed to have a strong connection with its outdoor play spaces. The building is designed with soft natural colours to allow freedom for children to bring colour to the space. 

The heart of the building is its piazza, a communal play and congregation area on the ground & first floor. The stairwell is topped by a large skylight that has a double-height mobile hanging from it which was also built by Maurie Novak Architecture.

This project was completed in my time as a Principal Architect at Ron Unger Architects.

Interior Design: in collaboration with Alice Freer Interiors

Landscape Architecture: Stratis Landscape Architects

Photography: Jeremy Blode Photography

© 2020 Maurie Novak Architecture